Interior Design: Environement and Well Being

Interior design should be about well being and respect for the environement. And there is much more one can do, than you might think. In this section we want to show you some ideas regarding this topic.

Umwelt Nachhaltigkeit FotoliaSustainability:

High class products are just more sustainable than comparing products from the lower price segment. They are long lasting and you need to buy them only a few times in your life.

Therefore, you save energy and resources in manufacturing. Waste is signifacantly reduced and it makes sense to upholster your worn furniture. We make curtains in that way, so that you can move easily with them and apply them in different appartments. Even if the costs seem to be higher in the beginning, it will pay off in the end.

MaterialienNatural Materials:

Let's just take the colours of Farrow & Ball: Farrow & Ball produces paint that is among the most environemantal qualities in the world. Not like other producers Farrow & Ball uses natural ingerdients and avoids harmful substances. The level of VOC (volatile organic components) in most of the Farrow & Ball paints is close to zero. All paints of Farrow & Ball are water based without having disadvantages to oil based colours.

If you take fabrics then you will find a large choice of Linen and Cotton types, taht are also very good for the well being.

ProduktionsprozessProduction Processes:

Farrow & Ball is taking care of the whole production process in order to render it environementally friendly and this has been recognized through the ISO 14001:2004 certification. Furthermore, Farrow & Ball continues to use metal containers for their paint instead of plastic ones. They areeasier to recycle.

The share of handwork is always very high in our products and it is produced locally. Fermob manufacturers its outdoor furniture even today close to Lyon, Medard de Noblat makes its China in Limoges and Gilles Nouailhac makes its sofas and chairs close to Paris.

RaumakustikImproved Accoustics:

If you are in an empty appartemnet you realize immediately the noise when you are talking. And when you open the windows, then the noise from the street is extremely high. This stems mainly from the fact, that in an empty appartment you will find a lot of even walls, where the noise is readily reflected.

If you bring curtains, carpets and other furniture into the appartment, then the reflecting noise is being significantly reduced. It becomes easier to talk and to listen to music. Our clients are everytime very impressed about this effect.

TeppichFloor Impact Sound:

Carpets are an ideal measure to reduce impact sound on floors. It is not necessarely the fluffyness of the carpet, but also the amount of material used, that counts for this. We often use additional underlaying materials, that further improve this effect.

HeizkostenReduced Heating Cost:

Curtains help to reduce heating cost in winter. This already works with somewhat thicker fabrics, as you create an air cushion between window and curtain and reduce cold air concection. If you have a heater just beneath the window, than you should shut down the heater in the evening and close the curtauns. Like this the warm air stays in the appartement.

In order to even increase these effects we have special fabrics, that are metallized. Heat stays significant better in the room in winter and in summer time the sun stays outside.

SonnenschutzSun Protection and Black Out Fabrics:

Of course, we can offer a wide variety of fabrics that help to keep the sun outside in summer time. In this this also helps to not be forced to install machines to reduce temperature in the summer.
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