Innovation in interior design

High class interior design is also based on new technology. In this section we would like to present some of the latest trends. We have a great deal of experience in installing these systems.

Elektromotor für Gardinen von Silent GlissElectric Systems by Silent Gliss:

Intelligent curtains are becoming more and more important. Just imagine that you are laying in your Prenzlauer Berg appartment and that you can open the curtains in the morning with a remote control. In our showroom we have installed such a system, so that you can try it out.

We are partner of Silent Gliss, a manufacturer who is Top of the pyramid in innovative motors, remote controls and curtain technology. All systems are being manufactured in Germany and can come with manyfold add-ons.

Gardinenstange aus Carbonfaser von InterstilRods for curtains made out of carbon fibers:

We are partner of Interstil, a manufacturer from Germany who is regularly bringing out leading edge technologies. A very nice example are rods for curtains made out of carbon fibers. This material is typically known in Formula 1 or airspace technology. As rod for curtains it gives a very modern design and high stability at low material usage.

Flächenvorhang um die Kurve von Silent Gliss bei unseren Kunden in BerlinPanel Systems by Silent Gliss: Even around the edge

Silent Gliss makes panel systems with very easy going rails. A brand new innovation is now, that these panels can even go around edges. This quite difficult to realize, if you want to make it in a high quality way. Silent Gliss took therefore some years in the development of the rail and the finish of the panels. However, whenever we intsalled it at our clients, the result was just perfect

Wärmeisolierender Stoff als Gardine bei maison DFH in BerlinSmart Fabrics: Heat isolation via metalization

In our showroom in Berlin we have exposed yet another innovation with fabrics. It is a fabric that is metallized on one side and therefore helps to keep sun out in summer time and heat inside in winter time. The fabric is rather light and can best be used in addition to a decorative curtain.


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