Most of our products are made to measure and are based on handcraft. On this page we want to show you with 3 examples - Furniture. Curtains, Paint - how strong the influence of handcraft at maison DFH is.

Stühle von Gilles Nouailhac in Berlin: handwerkliche Fertigkeit im französischen EpochenstilFurniture: French style chairs like 200 years ago by Gilles Nouailhac

Gilles Nouailhac is an exclusive manaufacturer of furniture in Paris with the passion to create chairs and sofas like 200 years ago.

And like in the 18th century Gilles Nouailhac uses beachwood from the Alsace in France. After preparation of the wood the structure of the furniture is being made in the atelier of Gilles Nouailhac close to Paris in a traditional manner. This means, that classic connecting techniques are being used and the sculpting is being done by hand.

The finishes are specially chosen and applied in several layers, even if it is gold. After accurate upholstering with high quality materials the fabrics are being put on make each chair an individual exhibit.

Montage von Gardinen in Berlin in luftiger HöheCurtains: Sewing, decoration and mounting in extreme heights

There are not many people who can make you curtains that are accurate even if they are 5 m high or 8m long. To achieve this our fabrics are cut in a hanging machine and then sewed.

By standard we are using high quality Rufflettes that are 80mm high or if you wish different ones. The curtains are finished on the lower end and on the sides by double sewing and not only by single sewing.

Rails or rods can be deliverd until 6m length regardless on which floor you are living and are tailor made on the cm. During installation our craftsmen pay extremely attantion to your interior. Before installation we typically measure with lasers to determine the right heights and 2 persons take care of the installation. As an additional service we use special lubrificants to render the curtains even more easy to use.

Farbe von Farrow and Ball: HandwerkPainting and decorating with Farrow and Ball: Artists with precision

Our painter get the best out of Farrow & Ball paint and wallpaper. There it all starts with the right understanding how the wall has to be prepared. For example in the high end version, the walls are first renderd to be extremely even (Q4) and then they are being treated with primer (if necessary with 2 layers of primer). Then we apply at least 2 layers of paint, where we pay extremely attentation that the layers are only very thin. Of course, the painting is done at least once with a brush, so that this is real craftmensship.

Often we are asked, why we need to put on so many layers, even when there are already so many pigments in the paint of Farrow & Ball. This is, because it makes more sense to apply several thin layers instead of 1 thick layer. Just imagine you want to clean a jar of marmelade: it is better to use 2 times a little bit of water, than just once a large amount of water.
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